Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How you can be a part...

So, if you're reading this, chances are you either know our family or know of our family and the journey we are on to adopt our daughter from China. One of the most interesting, and rewarding parts of this process for me has been the sharing and the telling of the testimony that the Lord is giving us as we wait for our sweet girl. It's been so neat to see how people I hardly know, or have known in other chapters of life are drawn to adoption. How curious they are. How many amazing questions they ask. I really believe this feeling of being drawn to the idea of adoption is because it is such a clear picture of His Gospel. I am so humbled, and thankful to be a steward of such a story! Through these conversations and questions many of you have asked about the cost, how much? why so much? where you gonna find so much? how much will all her medical expenses be? The only for sure answer I have been able to give to those 4 questions is a ball park amount of $35K for the adoption process. Honestly, I'm not sure why the governments charge so much to rescue orphans, and I've been even more unsure of how we were going to come up with $35,000! We won't know how much her medical expenses will be until we get her home. The only answer I know is obedience.

Being in this place of surrender- a stance that adoption requires- I have learned so much. But, most of all I have learned that when God calls you to something- He will make a way. I've heard lots of different and miraculous stories of God's provision in adoption- ways He has provided in many different capacities. However, for us, we knew that we had been entrusted with resources for such a time as this. So, we have worked carefully and diligently to save and nip and tuck in our own personal finances and up to this point have been able to make all of our payments in cash! Praise Him for His provision of a great job, and a hard working husband! We are coming now to the point where we will be spending about $25k in the next 6 months to bring our daughter home. Thankfully, we have received several grants, one of which I am about to share with you! And, for all of you that have asked how you could help, here's where you come in!

The grant was awarded to us by an organization called Hand In Hand. It is a matching grant, and they will match every donation, dollar for dollar up to $4,000. So, we have the potential to get $8,000 towards what is needed to bring our baby girl home! This would cover all of our final governmental/legal fees here in the U.S. as well as in China! If you would be interested in making a donation for our family we would be so humbly grateful! All of your donations are tax deductible. And, if by chance we exceed the $4,000 goal, Hand In Hand will give the amount in excess to our family as well, just not matched.

Please mail your donations, made payable to "Hand In Hand Christian Adoption". Please be sure the donation is post marked no later than September 10th!, and write "Jason and Elizabeth Davis" on the outside of the envelope only. (the ask that or name not be on the check itself for tax purposes).

Mail to:
Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc.
Jason & Elizabeth Davis
18318 Mimosa Court
Gardner, KS 66030

If you would like to learn more about Hand in Hand you can visit their website www.handinhandadopt.org, you can call at (913)248-5015, or email at handinhandadopt@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for walking this journey with our family! We would love to hear from you! and please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

And just for kicks, giggles, and a BIG thank you...here's a little sneak peak at our mei mei! Yup, she's amazing! We can't show all of her face quite yet...but what's behind that little pink heart is, well, pretty darn adorable!

Wanna know a little more about her and what special name we've chosen for her?...that's coming next!

Monday, August 25, 2014

So...what's next?

So, now we've been called to be the Mama and Daddy of this sweet, sweet baby...how do we get her home?...and get her home fast!?
We first had to go through the process of transferring agencies. Which, went relatively smoothly. Our dossier was already in China's computer system- so, we pretty much had to have a letter sent to them from our former and new agencies confirming and requesting for our family's dossier to be moved, and designated for this particular child. That process unfortunately took about a month, which was a little longer than we had hoped! But, as soon as the transfer was complete our new agency sent them our letter of intent- which lets the Chinese government know that our family desires to adopt this specific child. The government, in turn, responds with a document approving our family as suitable to care for and meet her needs. That is the document we are waiting on right now. That document is the one that will get the ball rolling for visas and consulate appointments and then, plane tickets!! This is where we really need for you to pray with us. This document is supposed to take 2-3 months to be returned to us- we are currently on day 75 (but, who's counting!?) Would you please pray with us that we get this paper work quickly? We are really praying with confidence and hope that our sweet girl will be home with us to celebrate her first Christmas! Please pray that there are no hang ups or mistakes that would hinder this process from going through smoothly!

In the meantime...we've been busy getting ready for her! Her big brothers are so, so excited! They go in her room and look around all the time, commenting on how "she is just going to love this shade of pink!", which they are espcially proud of, because they helped to paint it!

Jason painted a daybed, and restored my old crib for her to sleep in- until she's sleeping in it, her collection of baby dolls will! There are pink hangers in her closet starting to be filled with adorable outfits, and hair bows in the drawer of the beautiful dresser that her Meme bought just for her. My mom and I picked out some amazing fabric and have made her a special blanket for her bed, pillows and a lovie to match that we will send to her in China while she's waiting for us! Her sweet picture is now on the wall in our family picture collage...and just as important we have begun to pray and ask the Lord to especially prepare our hearts as her parents to be able to love her with a special compassion, and that the transition of her into our family would be one that is covered by His peace. We've prayed for our boys and how this will affect them, but also teach them. Hoping this experience will make them more aware of the world they live in, the needs that are in it, and who God has called His people to be the solution to those needs- how God has called our family to our mei mei. And we pray for our sweet girl- who we now can picture when we think, talk and pray about- praying the Spirit would be with her even now preparing her to leave her birthplace and all she knows as familiar. That she would some how know how much we love her, the moment we meet. That she would know she is safe. That she would be a peace. Would you also pray this things with us?

...we are preparing a place and a family for her to come into and be loved, and cared for...<b>foreveri>.
And, we could not be more excited!

Many of you have asked how you could help or be a part of bringing our mei mei home!...stay tuned to find out how through an amazing matching grant opportunity we've been given!