Friday, October 15, 2010

Crying Rocks

"I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the rocks will cry out." - Luke 19:40's been such a long time since I blogged and let me just tell you that God has been doing some good stuff in the life of my family that I have failed to share! The passage above is a quote from Jesus- he tells the Pharisee's this as the Disciples are shouting and praising Him as He entered Jerusalem for all the amazing things that they had seen Him do in His ministry. As Christians part of our witness and ministry here on Earth comes from the sharing of all the good things He has done in our lives. To me, this is especially important when it is an answered prayer or the continuation of Him revealing His perfect plan for our lives. In our case, there were many people who prayed for us during the times that I have previously posted about on my blog- wading through the loss of another sweet baby and trying my best to make lemonade out of the lemons of heartache and loss. In other cases, some of you were in the thick of it yourselves after a similar loss. We drew encouragement from one another- we shared our stories with one another, and the Lord used that as a tremendous blessing in my life.
Shame on me for taking so long to share with you what God has done in an answer to many of yours and our prayers...the rocks must have been crying out for sure on our behalf for not proclaiming His goodness in our lives! So, here's the good news!....I am 22 weeks pregnant with another sweet little man that is due to arrive on February 10th! We are so excited and so thankful that once again God has shown His goodness in our lives, not only through pain and loss but, also through tremendous blessing! A lot of you reading this probably already know about Anderson, but I just felt compelled to put in writing that the God we serve is so good, so sovereign, and always right on time! If you are in a valley right now, know He is with you- as He was with me during those dark days this spring. But, take comfort in the fact that joy comes with the morning!- and He will be there too! (so don't forget to recognize Him in those times as well!) As I laid looking at my sweet little boy dancing and wiggling around on the ultrasound screen yesterday I for a moment remembered those sad times when all there was on the screen was stillness- I was overcome with gratefulness to the God I serve, for He knew exactly what He was doing all along...

Thank you Lord for our 2 little boys, for your faithfulness, and all of us always having a reason to give you praise!

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