Tuesday, February 14, 2012

our happy ever after...

So, at the end of reading my mom's morning challenge blog from a group I'm in with some of my favorite girls....she posed a challenge to blog about your love story on this special day of luuuvvv! So, that is just what I am going to do! I think that reliving those early days of being oh so oblivious to the outside world, and even sometimes the not so glamorous days you spend together can be such a healthy thing to do! I find that it can bring an attitude of gratefulness to my heart for how the Lord numbered my steps, and then our steps together! So, here goes...

Our story started at Toccoa Falls College in the fall of 2001...there was this guy with exceptionally broad shoulders that I passed on my way to class in the Woerner missions building everyday. He would always smile at me and say, "Hey Liz!"...there were 2 things that were really weird about this..1- I had NO CLUE who he was, what his name was or how he knew me..and 2- NObody called me "Liz" except for very close friends from home and my family....really weirded me out! I told my room mate about it and from then on we coined him (whoever he was) "stalker boy". Poor guy! Come to find out he and his buddy had a bet going to see how long it would take for me to stop and ask him what his name was...well, sorry, I never did- oops! :-)

Several months later, I returned back to campus after Christmas. Sarah (my closest friend from high school who also went to Toccoa) had returned for the mini-semester they offered in January, but I stayed home to work. While I was gone she just made herself a whole new big group of friends, and wouldn't you just know stalker boy was in it! :-) Turns out his name was Jason, but everyone called him "JD". He was one of those kind of guys that was just so super nice to everyone, friends with everyone, but just friends with everyone. As I got to know him a little more I realized that he was funny, really goofy, but also very generous- always helping anyone out who needed it.

At the end of March Spring break was upon us... Sarah and I were having this conversation in the dining hall one night about how we just HAD to go to the beach...just kinda dreaming. Jd and his roommate Joel were sitting with us and they said, well, let's just go! So, 2 days later, we did! Looking back this was really not the best looking of situations- 2 guys, 2 girls, 2 tents...oops! Just goes to show how innocent it really was! We actually, looking back in hind sight, could've most definitely been "excused" from TFC for our little camping excursion! Oh, well, in the words of Mr.B..."Some things are worth getting gratis for!" Anyway, I got to really know JD on this camping trip. From the moment we got to our camp site he just took care of things- pitching the tent, making the fire, cooking dinner, etc...We had SO much fun! I remember telling Sarah one night, "He's going to make a really good husband to someone one day." Not having any idea or interest in it being me he would be a good husband to! Anyway, in the weeks following spring break the 4 of us were together all the time- along with a few other stragglers!- Sarah and Joel declared their love and intentions for one another (awww...). But, we were still just friends. Around May, however, my feelings began to grow a little deeper for this friend who I had come to know so well! There was one night when a bunch of us went to Lake Hartwell and spent the day swimming and just hanging out, then had a big bon fire that night. We after flirting relentlessly all day, JD put his arm around me at the campfire...and the next day came DTR #1 (for those of you who didn't go to Bible college where people are actively on the hunt for a spouse, that stands for "Define The Relationship". He proceeded to tell me that he thought I was great, but didn't want to go out with me just because he knew I liked him, like he had so many other girls. Wow, that was one I'd never heard before! Ouch! Well, fast forward about 2 more months...leaving college to go home in May I realized I was in love with this friend of mine...and a few days later boarded a plane for China. The whole time I was in China I thought all about him and missed him terribly, well, I missed everything USA related terribly! When I flew into Atlanta at 5:30 a.m....there he was! So, let's face it, 5:30 a.m. kinda seals the deal! We've been together ever since!

Looking back over the past 10 years since we became "JD & Liz" it is so encouraging to see how we have changed each other, challenged each other and learned to love each other so much more! I am so thankful for the man God has given me, and feel honored to be his bride. It's such a blessing to go through life not just living and loving someone, but also serving by their side. I have a sneaking suspicion that the next 10 years of our lives are going to be even more action packed than these first 10. I'm so excited to share them together for His glory!

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