Thursday, August 29, 2013

Step one...千里之行,始于足下

So, we are on a new and exciting journey as a family- ADOPTION! I’ve not blogged in forever- life with 2 boys is just, well, busy! But, during this special adventure that we are on I would really like to try to be more consistent about writing about our journey, experiences, and how God is working for several reasons. The first being so we can look back and remember all the happenings, and so that she can read one day all that happened while we were fighting and working so hard to bring her home! And secondly, because it’s an opportunity to share…a lot of you will be traveling down this path with us offering much support, love, prayers and encouragement in so many ways. This is the perfect format to keep you in the know of where we are, and how you can pray! And above and beyond all else…we can brag on God, how big He is, how faithful He is, and how He shows up when we walk in obedience to His calling…

Here is the beginning of the beginning…many of you know Jason is a “quote guy” so, this is for him…
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step….” -Confucius

Almost 2 years ago the Lord really began to burden my heart for the orphan crisis, adoption, and the role He has called the church to play as the solution. It began as something that just struck a cord in my maternal heart- thinking of all those babies without homes, families, just lying alone in beds without love. And as time went on it became a passion that can only come from God. I knew that I had to do something, that this passion was there for a reason, and that the Lord had plans to use it somehow in my life.

Ever since my freshman year of college after hearing a presentation by Stephen Curtis Chapman at a concert on adoption- Chinese adoption specifically- a seed of a dream was planted in my heart. He shared the story of their family growing through adoption, and sang the song “When Love Takes You In”. As that continued to marinate in my heart, I felt very strongly that He wanted me to seek out an opportunity to go to China and serve these sweet children who were abandoned. So, I began to scour the internet for summer mission opportunities. The one I found was through the Georgia Baptist Student Union- and Toccoa Falls didn’t have one of these. But, I continued on with the application process. It was a trip to work in an orphanage with children. I was selected to the “interview weekend” and after that was chosen as one of the 4 students who would go to China- out of over 200 applicants. Only God could’ve done that! So, that summer I spent 6 weeks in China. The week before we left our connections with the orphanage we were supposed to help with “fell through”. So, we went on anyway and worked in several cities where no IMB missionaries were currently working to get information on the people and society there. It was an amazing experience.
The country was beautiful. The people were so warm and welcoming (sometime a little too much so, as they would form a circle around us on the street and just stare!...not kidding!). But, most of all, I fell in love with the children! They were so beautiful! We worked with several schools teaching English and it was just a really special experience to see that no matter language, socioeconomic status, or distance…all children are the same!
So, while I loved China’s wall, the beautiful children, the sweet hospitable people, the gorgeous fountains and impressive city squares. I did not love the black smog that I wiped from my face each night, the smell of, well, I’m not really sure what it was sewage, garbage… the effect that their food had on my body, or the ominous,and almost tangible at times feeling of the Enemy’s presence. When our plane landed in America, and I walked out to breathe in the clean air and drink a glass of sweet tea I distinctly remember saying, “If I ever go back there…it will be to save one of those precious babies. Period.”

So….12 years later, here we are…step one.

Stay tuned...I will be writing again soon about the story of a very special little boy that the Lord used to unite Jason and I for the cause of rescuing our daughter!

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