Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oh man, these pics have really thrown me for a loop! This is the back of my pink/green Thanks card!

inside of pink/green thanks card

Cover of pink/green thanks card!


Okay, so I'm still working on figuring this out,so, until I can get to school tomorrow and ask Amanda how in the heck this picture thing works...this is the best I can do!

My living and thriving flower bed!

Geraniums!..every porch should have them!

The English ivy waiting for it's new home!

cute little red pot.....just asking for a monogram!

The 1st batch of spray paint!...needed 3 more cans after these!

Wow...I have been bustin' out the projects like no one's business! :-) That probably means I have been procrastinating on doing things around the house that really need to be done! Oh well, you only live once right?...it's okay if the house you're living in is a little messy now and again! I was spending time with a friend listening to her talk about how she just took time out for herself, even though there was lots to do- and I realized- I NEVER DO THAT! So....this week I did! And here are the fruits of my labor! :-)

First.....I've been working on my "front porch scape"! I have still managed to keep my flower bed alive (major accomplishment!) for the past 2 months. So, I figured I might as well continue to the front porch. Well, I don't know that I would call it a porch, it's tiny, maybe a stoop. I got an old wicker chair and table that my mom had on our front porch in Snellville. (I actually had homecoming and prom pics made on them in highschool- those are the pics I should be postin'!) I got some black spray paint (and by "some" I mean 6 cans- glad I went for the 96 cent special) and got started....some MAJOR hand cramps later the chair that once was white is now a nice shiney black! It looks super! THen, I picked a very sweet little red flower pot and saucer, and 2 pots of English ivy. I decorated the outside of the pot with a "D" (for Davis, of course- can't miss a good monogramming opp.!) and some curley-Q's. I have not gotten the little table done yet..but it will be coming soon, and will the new home for the super cute little red pot!

Pictures of the finished product coming soon......

Now onto the next project! Jason got me THE BEST Mother's day gift EVER! It's called a Silhouette Quick Cutter! It's like the Cricut, but it hooks up to your computer and you use their web site for all your designs/fonts instead of buying all those little cartridges at like $50 a pop! So...I've been making cards! SO FUN! I LOVE to write notes to people- mostly "just because" to let them know that someone thinks they are special and great! ....cause, I do and so does the God I serve! Now, it's even better because I can design a card just especially for them! I don't know about you, but I would feel especially special if I not only got a note from someone, but a note written on a homemade card made just for me! Wow...now that could make a persons day! Here are some of the cards I've made so far....got lots more in the works! Maybe you'll get one.......or, if you're reading this, let it encourage you to write a note to someone and let them know you think they are great...just because!

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  1. Ok girl--it's time to start blogging...how can I keep up with you if you're not updating your blog?